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The Placement Test (PT) is an in-house test designed to assess student’s current knowledge and skills in English, Mathematics, Physics, and ICT. The student’s performance in this test will be used to decide the appropriate entry point (Stage) to GCET Foundation Studies or Undergraduate Programmemes. This will ensure that students don’t waste time in studying material they already know, and at the same time, it equips students with all skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the intended higher education programmes of study.
The possible outcomes of the Placement test are:

  1. Entry to Stage 1 of Foundation Studies Programmeme (Beginners/Elementary)
  2. Entry to Stage 2 of Foundation Studies Programmeme (Intermediate)
  3. Entry to Stage 3 of Foundation Studies Programmeme (Upper Intermediate)
  4. Direct entry into the Undergraduate Programmeme (Advanced)
  5. Exemption from certain modules
Placement Test Structure
Placement Test Exemptions
Placement Test Syllabus
Entry Criteria
Placement Test Sample Question Papers
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